seedlingsNow that you have your soil and beds, the next obvious step is finding your seedlings and planting your garden.  Last year, I purchased seed from an organic non GMO source at and started them indoors a few weeks before it was time to plant.  I used an indoor greenhouse set up that can be found at any Home Depot or Lowes.  I follow a simple rule when planting outdoors and that is to wait until after mother’s day and consequently the last frost.

When starting from seed, you will need to find out your particular areas planting zone and plan accordingly.  I didn’t have much success starting from seed and this is definitely an area I need to expand upon.  Particularly because this year one of my goals is to harvest seed from my own plants and store them for next years planting.  Every year is a learning process!

I did have some seeds prosper and the remainder of the garden came from seedlings purchased at the local farmers markets and blessings blends (the same place I purchased my organic soil).  The main goal in my garden is to keep it one hundred percent organic.  You will easily be able to find USDA certified organic farmers at your local farmers markets.  Don’t be afraid to talk to the local farmers and question them about where their seed and soil comes from.  If they are honest and passionate about growing organic, they will be forthright and open about it.  Some farms may not be USDA certified organic but in fact grow strictly organic.  I support and love a local farmer here who is not certified.  But I believe she is organic and I trust her.  By the way local friends you can find her at  Subscribe to her newsletter and be in the know about her plant sales!  Also, be sure to visit our local farmers markets! I prefer the one in Lewes as it is less traffic and easier to navigate



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