Garden Update


Garden is progressing very nicely!  Seedlings were planted May 13 so we are about 3 weeks in.  Above is a comparison of the day the garden commenced, to a current picture taken today, June 4.  I am especially pleased by the black zucchini and impressed by their beautiful flowers.  I didn’t know what to expect considering this was my first year with the vegetable.  Cant wait to make some zucchini casserole! Stay tuned for this simple and delicious kid friendly recipe!


wpid-img_20150604_104806391.jpg     Pictured above is a back view of the garden with a closer look at the zucchini plant in the far right corner.  This year, instead of caging my tomatoes, I staked them.  Although my tomatoes did really well last year, a local farmer told me staking would produce more so I am giving it a shot!  I was also given a tip instead to cage the zucchini to help it grow upwards, as it tends to spread.   I can’t believe how much it has taken off!

Also making an appearance today was my first green pepper! Last year I made the mistake of planting them too close to my tomatoes and they were shaded out.  I think I ended up with just one or two peppers at the end of the summer, so this year is proving to be more successful already!

wpid-img_20150604_104458126.jpgBelow is my cucumber plant making it’s way up the trellis.  There is something so beautiful about a plant intrinsically knowing how to survive and thrive!



4 responses to “Garden Update

  1. That’s a great setup! Does the fence around your yard keep the animals out? The deer around here love veggie gardens and it’s hard to keep them away!!


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