The Creative Blogger Award

mp_morningI was very humbled to receive recognition from a fellow blogger for “The Creative Blogger Award”.  Thank you so much to Sadie’s Nest for nominating me!  If you haven’t checked out Sadie’s Nest yet, stop over to her blog for some delicious recipes and entertainment tips!! As a beginner blogger, I am still learning the ropes and getting my feet wet in the world of blogging.  So far I have met some seriously amazing and inspiring people who push me to share my passion and give me the confidence to share my words, thoughts, and feelings on a topic that really means a lot to me.  I have seen awesome creativity displayed here on WordPress, from the beautiful photography that is contributed, to the wonderful ideas and words put out on a daily basis .  I am really honored to be amongst so many talented people!

Rules of the Award

1.  Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.
2.  Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
3.  Share five random facts about yourself.

My Five Random Facts:

1. My favorite food is cheese

2. Music is essential for my soul

3. I will try anything once!

4. I’m kind of a germaphobe

5. I enjoy painting and am finally finding the time again to explore this love!

My Nominees (in no particular order):

1.  Must Love Jogs

2.  BBQ Bastard

3.  Serena Glow – health, vitality and food

4.  Where’s the Beet?

5.  the mindful eats

6.  World Organic News

7.  handmade. homegrown. beautiful life

8.  Consume with Love

9.  Live fit, die yum

10.  Grow So Easy Organic

11.  Happy Harvest Farm


13.  Indfused

14.  Skinny on fats

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