The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15-what to buy organic in the grocery store and what you can skip!

EWG’s Shopping Guide – Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Please click on the link above after reading this great article written by my sister to follow her amazing blog! She has tons of great information about health and well-being as well as some delicious recipes! We definitely share the same attitude toward eating and what we put into our bodies and that is why I wanted to share her recent post.  I really feel that most people are overwhelmed with the food industry and it is difficult to know where to begin to make changes.  Small changes are better than no changes and this post gives some great tips on where to start!

Small Changes lead to Big Differences!

Focus on what you EatWhile changing your lifestyle can initially feel overwhelming, taking small steps in the right direction will point you down a healthier path of lifelong habits. Over the years, I have made small changes that have gradually led me to this point.

I set certain “rules” for myself which made my decisions easier when making purchases. There are specific foods and/or products in which I only buy organic. If it is unavailable, I do not buy it. If I need to spend a little more in one area, I cut back in another. Basically, try to keep a balance. You are more likely to adapt if you take smaller steps in achieving your goal.

A site I found very useful in the beginning was The Environmental Working Group. They have a free app you can download on your phone called “EWG’s Food Scores” that allows you to scan barcodes, search products and has a handy shopping guide referencing the Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15. It is an amazing place to start. It is very user friendly and breaks information down in a clear way. The first step is knowledge, the next step is putting it into action!

One of my first simple changes was ditching plastic bags. My canvas tote bag collection has now taken over my never-ending stash of plastic bags. Most grocery stores even offer cloth bags at their check outs making it super easy and accessible.

In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed by information and false “facts” but eventually found solace in helpful sites, organizations and groups working towards the same goal. I wanted to become more aware of the choices I was making and how they were impacting my life as well as the environment. You can make a difference!

Below is a great resource for buying produce.
Must buy organic – Dirty Dozen
Ok to buy conventional – Clean 15

EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

For more facts, easy tools & guides, visit: – DIRTY DOZEN PLUS

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