Fall Planting Guide for Your Garden

fall vegetablesThe mornings are becoming a bit cooler and spending time outdoors is becoming more enjoyable.  This is a sign that summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner.  Just because the summer season is ending, your garden doesn’t have to.  You can grow certain vegetable right through winter.  I am finding inspiration to continue my garden and I came across some valuable information to get you started.  First, you need to determine what planting zone you live in so you know around what date the first frost falls and when to plant your seeds or seedlings.  You can find that information on the following site and using your zip code, you can do a simple search.


plant hardiness zone

Once you learn what zone you fall into, you can then go to the website listed below and search for your specific zone to find a detailed chart of what vegetables you can plant and what date to plant them by


Living in DE, I am in zone 7b and I can still plant many vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions and radishes just to name a few.  Planting in the fall has its advantage since you wont be dealing with as many pests or insects.  Also, did you know that radishes are referred to as “the workhorse of the garden”? Apparently they attract so many insects that people often plant them as a deterrent for their other plants.  In other words, they are basically sacrificed so that they draw harmful insects away from your other crops.

Many vegetables can even survive a frost if given some protection like a cardboard box or plastic tunnel.  Some examples are leeks, collards, and cabbage.  Other vegetables that are very hardy include kale and spinach. Depending on the time factor, I could start some seed indoors now, or I may visit the local farmers market over the next few weeks to search for seedlings.  I will probably spend time over the weekend cleaning up my beds, getting rid of plants that are past their prime like my determinate Roma tomatoes.   I am getting excited about bringing some new variety into my garden.  What are you planning for your fall garden?


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