Simple Guide To the Top GMO foods

GMO cropsCan you name the top three sources of GMOS? They are soy, corn, and canola oil.  Up to 90% of soybeans in the market have been genetically modified to be resistant to a herbicide called, RoundUp.  This was a hard pill to swallow considering I eat mainly vegetarian and a big source of my protein is soy.  Thinking I was making a healthy choice, I unknowingly consumed GMO soy products such as Morningstar brand veggie burgers for years.  I know it seems virtually impossible to avoid all GMO’s but if you know the top sources then it at least minimizes the list for you.
     If you aren’t reading labels or ingredients yet, the now is the time to start and you can start by putting back any items with top GMOs sourced ingredients in them.  Of course the number one way to avoid GMOS is to buy organic.  But this isn’t feasible or economically reasonable for most.  If you must by non organic items that contain one of the listed GMO sources, then look for the “Non GMO project verified” stamp of approval.  You want to stick to items that have this seal or are USDA organic.
non GMO verified
To simplify, if I choose an item at the grocery store that contains soybean oil for example, I will only purchase it if it is USDA organic OR contains the non GMO verified stamp.  This is the only true way to know that you are purchasing food that does not contain ANY GMOs.
     I know the wealth of information can seem extremely overwhelming.  Our food industry has become extremely confusing.  I think you will be surprised to discover, however, just how many items contain soy or corn, which are the top two GMO sources.  And Canola oil is in just about EVERYTHING.  I implore you to at least start with eliminating these three items from your food and you will take make immeasurable gains toward eating food that is organic, clean, and free of GMOs and pesticides.
Top gmos
Source- I highly recommend checking out this website for a more in depth description of GMOs!

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