World Naked Gardening Day

Mark your calendars folks! The title of this post is not a joke.  There is an actual thing called World Naked Gardening Day and it is celebrated on the first Saturday of May.  So next Saturday, May 7, will be THE day.  I figured since April is coming to a close, we would honor the beginning of May by talking about this interesting event! I was enlightened to this special day by a friend recently and decided to do a little research on it.  Note to readers-google image searches of this topic will brng up some very interesting photos ;).

Now let me be clear, I wont be partaking in this event.  However, I wouldn’t be opposed to renting a party bus and touring the area on this day to see if anyone else is.  Anyone in? All jokes aside, I actually really like the idea behind this event.  The first annual World Naked Gardening Day event took place on September 10, 2005 and is an annual event.  The premise is to promote acceptance of our bodies and to be in nature as intended, in our natural state.  Some other key benefits are the attractiveness of an all over tan as well as more vitamin D on your body!  A few famous naked gardeners include Whalt Whitman and Alicia Silverstone.  My personal vote would be for Ryan Gosling or Adam Levine.   The guy below would do as well.

tattoed hottie in the garden

So you are all now officially warned, or perhaps enticed? Maybe you are a veteran at this event? I would love to hear any stories of people who participated in this! Comments and suggestions welcome!!











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