The Garden is all set! Now we just need some sun….


My lettuce is off to a great start.  I will probably be cutting some by next weekend.  Following my rule that I don’t not plant until after Mother;s day, I didn’t get seed in until about 5 days ago.  We have had an obnoxious amount of rain, which has caused some gardening problems for some of my friends and also some local growers.  Too much rain and not enough sun!

This year I decided to experiment and plant more seed then I did last year.  We will see what happens.  I got a few seedlings from my go to grower-Hattie, this past week.  I have cucumber seedling in, as well as an early girl tomato, and green pepper.  I also planted some greek oregano! I think I am actually most excited about the sunflower this year! I love them and I didn’t plant any last year.

I also planted a few Marigolds in the garden.  Remember, they are natural insecticides because they attract pesky insects to them and away from your plants!! I also discovered a quick fix for some plant markers if you happen to be in a bind, which I was-clothes pins! Just take a sharpie and mark them. Its perfect! Also, dont forget to place all trellis and poles into the ground BEFORE the plant grows large enough to need them.  That way, you are not disturbing the roots!

I am so excited to see what happens this growing season! Stay Tuned!




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